Play College Sports

There are many options available to participate in college level sports.  If you are playing high school sports, it is important to talk with your parent(s) / guardian(s) and coaches.  Below are resources and links that can steer you in the right direction:

NCAA (Divisions I, II, & III)


  • NAIA Introductory Information
  • College Bound Guide


    • Check with your local community college or talk with your guidance/college counselor

    Club and Intramural Sports

    Students who can’t make the college varsity team or who don’t want the intensity of varsity-level sports can join clubs and intramural leagues. Millions of college students take part in these teams each year as a way to compete, have fun and stay fit.

    Club Sports

    Club teams compete against clubs from other colleges, and they are run by students. Students take charge of everything from getting uniforms to hiring officials to making travel arrangements. Competition and time commitments can be intense for club sports — teams may be involved in a regional conference and play for a national championship.

    Intramural Sports

    Intramural leagues are set up by the college to give all students a chance to participate. Teams from the same college play against each other.

    Students can often participate in traditional sports, such as basketball, soccer and softball, and can sometimes compete in other activities, such as dodgeball, inner-tube water polo or video games. Some colleges offer these types of sports at different levels, so students can match their skills and interest level by choosing a more- or less-competitive team.

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